Pools on Saturday

The pools for Saturday’s Open Longsword are out! Find them here. Good luck and happy fencing! 🙂


Reminder: the pools for today (Friday) are available here and the complete schedule for Swordfish is available at the main schedule page (updated with today’s pools schedules)!

Good luck and happy fencing! 🙂

Scandic Hotel deal!

Scandic hotel deal!
We have gotten a deal with Scandic hotels in Mölndal. Use the code: BSWO021118
Single bed: 990 SEK
Double beds: 1090 SEK
Triple beds: 1350 SEK
Four beds: 1450 SEK
Price per room and night.
Link with same deal:


If you did not get your spot in the tournament you can sign up for the waiting list. Send an email to swordfish@ghfs.se or use the contact form on the webpage. Specify what tournament you are interested in.

You can be in max two tournament waiting lists.




Registration is open!

Registration is now open!



Please note: There are two payment options. If you live in a region of the world where paypal isn’t an option choose the “Not paypal” option and we will give you the details.

Updated Equipment requirements

Equipment requirements are now posted.

Note the biggest change is that Swedish Hema Federation has implemented a requirement for a minimum 350 newton certified equipment. So look extra carefully at your fencing gear so that they comply with this. Read the document linked above.

Swordfish XIII

Swordfish is upon us again!

Registration will open June 29th. Also we will again use HEMA Ratings to decide the top 100 ranked fencers in each category.

HOWEVER! There is a twist. This time we will take into account the whole period since last Swordfish. For example if we look at Mixed Longsword and that period of time, people have been jumping in and out of the top 100 position.
Now if we just take the current top 100 list as it stands today it is only a snapshot of how it is today. But that might not be seen as fair.
So instead we look at the 100 highest ranked fencers since last Swordfish. They have been in fact competing for the spot 1-80.

So we hope this will be more representative of the best fencers in HEMA.

The lists are published at https://swordfish.ghfs.se

As per usual Wrestling and Women’s Longsword don’t have a cap so the top 100 rule doesn’t apply.

Then two weeks after the first registration round we will open up registration for everyone else (Friday JULY 13th).

The event starts 2’nd of November and we will have fights, workshops, sauna and a whole bunch of fun until the 4th.

If you have any questions you can ask us via the Swordfish – Celebrating European Martial Arts facebook page or you can email swordfish@ghfs.se

I hope we will see you in Gothenburg in November!

/Petri & Swordfish Crew

PS: The web server should be much more stable this year.

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