Last day to register to the Swordfish XIV tournaments!

Today is the last day to register to the Swordfish XIV tournaments! Registration will close tonight at 23:59 (Swedish time), so hurry and sign up if you haven’t done it already!

Wrestling Tournament

We are happy to announce that the Wrestling Tournament will take place on Friday, Nov 1st from 17.00 in the Red Hall!

Workshop Schedule Up!

The final workshop schedule is online! Take a look at all the interesting topics covered in the workshops page and find the updated timetable in the schedule page!

Registration closing date!

The registration for tournaments will be closed on Friday, October 18, 2019 at 23:59 (Swedish time). This affects only the tournaments, so it will still be possible to register to workshops after this date!

The schedule is on its way!

We are happy to say that the schedules are starting to shape up!

A first version is already out, although important parts are still missing. Due to the different format of this year’s pools and (most) eliminations, the scheduling task is less straightforward than in the past. But fear not! Our merry bunch of sword-loving elves are working tirelessly to figure all the details out!

Follow the schedule updates on facebook and on the Schedule page!

SIGI weapons for Women’s Longsword and Sword&Buckler

We are proud and rather excited to announce that SIGI Forge will be supplying weapons for the Women’s Longsword and Sword&Buckler tournaments. We have a special aesthetic surprise with the bucklers they are making us!

Check out their Facebook page:

Ruleset for Swordfish XIV published!

The rules are posted:

Main changes include: additional point in S&B for fencing from the bind; 3x3min rounds in the finals (Nordic system); harsher penalties.

Happy reading!

Announcement about Brittany Reeves’ cutting workshop

Important announcement for those of you participating in Brittany’s cutting class this year:

Please fill out the following form to give us an indication of how many tatamis we should roll in advance of the class. We will be rolling some extra for spontaneous purchases on site, but this will be our base. Those who have ordered mats in advance will get first pick, the rest will be available as first come, first serve.

Mats cost 70 SEK each. We will only be accepting payment by cash on site (no other currencies accepted) or Swish.

Clarification For the General Registration

If you aren’t in top 100 in a particular Weapon you can’t register before the general registration. Example if you are Registering for Open Longsword but you aren’t in the top 100 you are not eligable for pre registration. Even if you are top 100 in any other weapon. Then you have to make your registration, for that weapon you aren’t top 100 in, after general registration opens July 19th 1500 (3 PM) CEST

All orders made before 2019-07-18 13:10 have gotten some kind of email response.

Some of you need to take action to make your Tournament Registration valid. Please check your mail.

If you haven’t gotten any email please check your spam folder. If it’s not there either it might be a good idea to get in touch with the swordfish crew. Mail or Facebook messenger.

PS. If you pay with Direct Bank Transfer, please pay in SEK to avoid incorrect payments.

General Registration July 19th

July 19, 15:00 (3 PM) CEST General Registration Opens. Welcome!