Clarification For the General Registration

If you aren’t in top 100 in a particular Weapon you can’t register before the general registration. Example if you are Registering for Open Longsword but you aren’t in the top 100 you are not eligable for pre registration. Even if you are top 100 in any other weapon. Then you have to make your registration, for that weapon you aren’t top 100 in, after general registration opens July 19th 1500 (3 PM) CEST

All orders made before 2019-07-18 13:10 have gotten some kind of email response.

Some of you need to take action to make your Tournament Registration valid. Please check your mail.

If you haven’t gotten any email please check your spam folder. If it’s not there either it might be a good idea to get in touch with the swordfish crew. Mail or Facebook messenger.

PS. If you pay with Direct Bank Transfer, please pay in SEK to avoid incorrect payments.

General Registration July 19th

July 19, 15:00 (3 PM) CEST General Registration Opens. Welcome!

Swordfish XIII has ended – Medals and gratitude!

Swordfish XIII ended on Sunday, November 4th.

Tons of gratitude to all the people that took part in any way to the competitions, the staffing and/or the organisation: all of you made it possible! Thank you! *hugs* 😀


Let’s conclude with the list of medalists:

Rapier & Dagger
1. Alexey Perkov – Tramazzone (Russia)
2. Sergey Kultaev – Freifechtergilde (Russia)
3. Aleksander Dynarek – Mordschlag Lódz (Poland)

Women’s Longsword
1. Elena Muzurina – Tramazzone (Russia)
2. Izabele Aparecida Saorin – Zwaard & Steen (Netherlands)
3. Michela D’Orlando – Ordine delle Lame Scaligere (Italy)

1. Dmitry Gibadullin – UKRF (Russia)
2. Konrad Kramarz – Mordschlag Lódz (Poland)
3. Antoni Olbrychski – Akademia Szermierzy (Poland)

Sword & Buckler
1. Mikhail Bakir – FFC Paladin (Russia)
2. Kristofer Stanson – Stockholm HEMA (Sweden)
3. Håvard Lund Eidheim – FKFD (Norway)

Open Longsword
1. Sergey Kultaev – Freifechtergilde (Russia)
2. Antoni Olbrychski – Akademia Szermierzy (Poland)
3. Matthys Kool – HVN (Netherlands)

Wrestling: Middle weight
1. Ties Kool, HVN (Netherlands)
2. Joris Jacobs, Sumus Soldani (Belgium)
3. Dmitri Gibadullin UKRF, (Russia)

Wrestling: Heavy Weight:
1. Staffan Sannemalm Örebro HEMA (Sweden)
2. Linus Eriksson, UHFS, (Sweden)
3. Nikolai Vincent Vaags, FKFS, (Norway)

1. Kristian Ruokonen, EHMS (Finland)
2. Ties Kool, HVN (Netherlands)
3. Aaron Karnuta, Denver Historical Fencing Academy (USA)

Technical awards:
Rapier & Dagger: Francesco Loda, Accademia Romana d’Armi (Italy)
Women’s longsword: Elena Muzurina, Tramazzone (Russia)
Sabre: Pedro San Miguel, Schola Gladiatoria (UK)
Sword & Buckler: Mattias Andersson, Gävle HEMA (Sweden)
Open Longsword: Thomas Nyzell, Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola (Sweden)
Wrestling: Joris Jacobs, Sumus Soldani (Belgium)

Finals starting soon!

The finals for Swordfish 2018 will start soon! You can watch them live via the youtube link:

Pools on Saturday

The pools for Saturday’s Open Longsword are out! Find them here. Good luck and happy fencing! 🙂


Reminder: the pools for today (Friday) are available here and the complete schedule for Swordfish is available at the main schedule page (updated with today’s pools schedules)!

Good luck and happy fencing! 🙂

Scandic Hotel deal!

Scandic hotel deal!
We have gotten a deal with Scandic hotels in Mölndal. Use the code: BSWO021118
Single bed: 990 SEK
Double beds: 1090 SEK
Triple beds: 1350 SEK
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If you did not get your spot in the tournament you can sign up for the waiting list. Send an email to or use the contact form on the webpage. Specify what tournament you are interested in.

You can be in max two tournament waiting lists.




Registration is open!

Registration is now open!


Please note: There are two payment options. If you live in a region of the world where paypal isn’t an option choose the “Not paypal” option and we will give you the details.