Which tournaments will be held at Swordfish this year?
Open Longsword, Women’s Longsword, Sabre, Rapier & Dagger, Sword & Buckler and Ringen.

I’ve registered, why isn’t my name on the attendee list?
It could be that we haven’t had time to add it yet (the list isn’t automated). Other possible explanations are that your payment hasn’t cleared yet, or that you missed filling in some required information (we’ll email you if that’s the case). If neither of these seems to be the case, use our contact form to get in touch with us!

Do I get a discount if I help out as a judge or crew?
Yes, you do. The Staff discounts section on the registration page outlines it.

Is there a Facebook event?
Yes there is, right here.

Can I sleep at Aktiviteten between Sunday and Monday?
Unfortunately not.

Is there Wi-Fi at Aktiviteten? Is it free?
Yes and yes.

What payment methods are available at the venue?
We can’t speak for the vendors, but Swordfish itself accepts payment (for merch, snacks and drink) in cash, by card through iZettle and by Swish (the last alternative only available for Swedes).

Do you have another question? Use our contact form to get in touch!