We hope of course that everything will go smoothly and that all participants will stay safe during Swordfish. But we are doing martial arts and there is a certain level of danger involved. We have medical personnel available during daytime and we have, together with the municipality of Mölndal, taken precautions regarding the safety of the participants, visitors, staff and teachers. However, all people attend Swordfish at their own risk, and we hope that everyone will use their common sense – especially when using sharp weapons. Always make sure that you know what is going on around you when wielding a weapon. Stay safe!

For safety reasons you have to sleep in the designated areas, since there are no fire alarms, for example, in the dressing rooms. Smoking is not allowed indoors. Always keep an eye on your belongings: your wallet, phone, reading tablet, keys etc. There are not only HEMAists in the building.

Always use sufficient protective gear when sparring. Also make sure that you do not throw anyone in a manner way that they may injure themselves. For example, be certain that they cannot land on their or your sword.

GHFS and the Swordfish crew don’t accept responsibility for lost equipment.