Emil Andersson (MHFS, Sweden)

Instructor in Montante. Member of Malmö Historical Fencing School. One of Three founders of the Montantero concept. Main interest is montante and how other weapons of the same period interacted with it.

Nicolas Gallardo (GFFG, Sweden)

Instructor in Jogo do Pau de Cepaes and Iberian Montante. Member of Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild. One of Three founders of the Montantero concept. Other interests are skirmish warfare, longsword and ringen.

Ilkka Hartikainen (TFS, Finland)

Ilkka has been active in HEMA since the early 2000’s, starting with Italian longsword and rapier styles and later focusing specifically on the Bolognese sidesword tradition. Recently Ilkka has gained more interest in the Bolognese two-handed sword and the earlier German KdF tradition of longsword to augment this study.

Ilkka has been strongly involved in the founding of two HEMA clubs in Finland, first the EHMS and now the Tavastia Fencing Society, through which Ilkka facilitates his training and organizes workshops in Finland and abroad. In addition, Ilkka runs, a website dedicated to sharing information on the Bolognese school of fencing.

Christofer Janssen (Stockholms Stigmän, Sweden)

Christofer Janssen​ focuses mainly on boxing and sabre. If stigmännen had instructors, he would be one. A great believer in the learn-by-doing school of fighting, he
doesn’t slavishly follow any one manual, but finds inspiration in Godfrey, Mendoza, Price and Allanson-Winn.

He is rather strong and quick, compared to other middle-aged computer programmers. He’s previously been a ninja and participated in children’s judo, but has vowed to never again practice a martial art which requires kneeling.

Anders Linnard (GHFS, Sweden)

Information coming soon.

Brice Lopez (ACTA SARL, France)

Information coming soon.

Simon Lund (Örebro HEMA, Sweden)

I have practiced HEMA a little over three years at this point and I compete and train longsword for the most part. I train and compete for Örebro Hema. However, my main martial art has always been focused on hand to hand combat where I have practiced different types of martial arts for roughly twenty years. The disciplines I have practiced in the past are Martial Ju-Jutsu, Tae Kwon Do, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Thaiboxing, Queensbury style boxing and military Krav maga. So therefore it was a natural step to start researching and teaching myself and others in Bartitsu and also as this is the Krav Maga of the nineteenth century it appealed on many levels. I have taught and held workshops on a couple occasions in Sweden during the two years since I picked up the manuals.

Johan Lundby (Stockholms Stigmän, Sweden)

Johan Lundby​, a founding father of Stigmännen (but not an instructor as there aren’t any), focuses mainly on sabre and boxing. He trains and teaches by the principle you
become good at what you do, in martial art that means you have to fight.

Inspiration to sabre comes mainly from the Swedish military treatises by Ling, Silfversvärd and Törngren and for boxing from writings by Price and Godfrey.

Johan has repeatedly been referred to as ‘the fighting monk’. This is of course untrue, he’s actually a priest – and married.

Andreas Markehed (MHFS, Sweden)

Andreas is the head longsword instructor at Malmö Historical Fencing School. His main focus is on Meyer’s longsword but he dabbles in “lesser manuals” as well as sword and buckler. He started competing soon after entering HEMA and competed in his first Swordfish in 2012, and in 2014 he started teaching longsword.

He fell in love with Meyer soon after he saw the beautiful illustrations. That love has persisted and intensified as he realized that a long distance relationship wasn’t needed as the Lund manuscript is kept in next town over.

He’s also been involved in the Swedish HEMA-Federation as a board member.

Niklas Mårdby (GHFS, Sweden)

Information coming soon.

Thomas Nyløkken (FKFD, Norway)

Thomas is head instructor in the fencing group Free Duellists (FKFD). Founded together with Lars Making, the Fencing Group Free Duellists (Fekteklubben Frie Duellister) in 2003. Free Duellists is Norway`s first pure and largest HEMA club, with 4 chapters. From 2003 til 2014 he was the leader of the clubs as well as the head instructor.

In 2013 Thomas founded Bergen Open, Norway`s first international HEMA tournament. Thomas is also the co-founder of KH1260, one of the oldest reenactment medieval reenactment groups in Norway.

Thomas`s main HEMA focus is on the theoretical and technical side Sword and Buckler, focusing on 1.33, but also some Italian rapier as well as dagger.
On the competitive side he focuses on how to effectively use fighting strategies/skill and coaching as a tools.

Besides instructing HEMA abroad and in Norway, Thomas has a passion for stage fight and has done fight choreographies for both professional producers and amateurs on film and stage. At the most he has choreographed a fight sequence with 40 actors/fighters on stage at the same time.

Rob Runacres (Renaissance Sword Club, UK)

Rob Runacres is a historical researcher and fencer, and his main passions are for rapier and sidesword styles spanning the mid-sixteenth to late seventeenth centuries. He has taught a variety of workshops in Europe and the United States.

The main historical masters he studies are François Dancie; Girolamo Cavalcabo; Pedro De Heredia and Giovanni dall’Agocchie. He has translated a number of French treatises, including L’Espée de Combat (Dancie, 1623); Treatise or Instruction for Fencing (Girolamo Cavalcabo 1597), and Le Maistre D’Arme Liberal (Besnard, 1653).

Currently, Rob is working on his PhD, entitled ‘Fencing Instruction and Practice in the Entourage of the Dauphin and Beyond; the Influence of the Bolognese Fencer, Girolamo Cavalcabo’.

Aside from teaching, research and competitions, Rob is half of the ‘Alte Herren’ HEMA video blog, with Hans Jörnlind.

Maciej Talaga (ARMA-PL & FEDER, Poland)

Maciej Talaga has studied HEMA since 2007 with Bart Walczak as his teacher. In 2009 he became an instructor in Warsaw Study Group of ARMA Poland, together with Maciej Zając and Paweł Białasiewicz. Therefore, his HEMA experience amounts to over 10 years, including 9 years as a competitive fencer and teacher. During that time, he fought in almost all available Polish longsword and messer tournaments, reached quarterfinals in the Open Longsword at Swordfish 2011, won medals in Poland (bronze in 2011, silvers in 2016 and 2017) and abroad (silver at HEMAC Florentia 2016), ran numerous workshops across Poland and abroad (Gothenburg, Florence, Asola, Toledo). His main area of interest has virtually always been the so-called ‘Döbringer Codex’ (GNM3227a). Interpretation of this manual forms the foundation of his longsword technique and partially the curriculum of the Warsaw Study Group. He is also the current President of ARMA-PL.

His non-HEMA martial background was Krav Maga (two years). He has also cross-trained in sport fencing (epée) since 2013.

Additionally, he holds an MA in Mediaeval Archaeology (Bioarchaeology and Warfare). He published in Acta Periodica Duellatorum 2013 (Scholarly Section) as well as in a few Polish archaeology-related periodicals and websites and gave presentations on HEMA-related topics at academic conferences.

Since 2014, he has focused on teaching adults and children and was an assisstant trainer of the gold-winning Polish National Team at the IFHEMA Cup 2015 in Hungary.

Sebastian Woxell (MHFS, Sweden)

Instructor in Jogo do Pau de Cepaes and Iberian Montante. Member of Malmö Historical Fencing School. One of Three founders of the Montantero concept. Main focus is the montante and its relatives.