Swordfish XIV ends!

Dear friends, huge thanks for another amazing Swordfish!
Between the great fencing and the wonderful company, we had a blast and we hope you did too!

Here are all the tournaments’ winners:

Open Longsword

Gold: Mateusz Konopacki

Silver: Mikko Lehto

Bronze: Dennis Ljungqvist

Technical award: Alexander Olsson

Women’s Longsword

Gold: Elena Muzurina

Silver: Michela D’Orlando

Bronze: Majken Roelfszema

Technical award: Brittany Reeves

Open Rapier & Dagger

Gold: Robert Childs

Silver: Dmitry Gibadullin

Bronze: Ami Viholainen

Technical award: Ami Viholainen

Women’s Sabre

Gold: Elena Muzurina

Silver: Joanna Koprowska

Bronze: Anna Franceschi

Technical award: Elena Muzurina

Open Sabre

Gold: Victor Harder Hesel

Silver: Thomas Couturier

Bronze: Dmitry Gibadullin

Technical award: Rafal Kalus

Women’s Sword & Buckler

Gold: Joanna Koprowska

Silver: Marcjanna Magdalena Jelinska

Bronze: Anastasia Matiushina

Technical award: Tatyana Sedlova

Open Sword & Buckler

Gold: Björn Carlander

Silver: Mateusz Konopacki

Bronze: Dmitry Gibadullin


Technical award: Miro Lahtela

Middle weights

Gold: Marius Rafoshei

Silver: Hans Nordström

Bronze: Henrik Persson

Heavy weights

Gold: Joris Jacobs

Silver: Staffan Sannemalm

Bronze: Miro Lahtela

Swordfish XIV finals!

Swordfish XIV finals are starting in just a few minutes! Here is the link to the live stream:

Today’s winners!

Huge congratulations to today’s winners:

Anastasia Matiushina, bronze in Women’s Sword & Buckler
Anna Franceschi, bronze in Women’s Sabre
Henrik Persson, bronze in Wrestling – Middle weights
Miro Lahtela, bronze in Wrestling – Heavy weights

Pools Open Longsword and all other disciplines’ finals

The pools for Open Longsword are now available here.

The finals we will see tomorrow for all the other weapons are:

Women’s Longsword

Gold final

Elena Muzurina vs. Michela D’Orlando

Bronze final

Majken Roelfszema vs. Minna Vasarainen

Open Rapier & Dagger

Gold final

Robert Childs vs. Dmitry Gibadullin

Bronze final

Ami Viholainen vs. Aleksander Dynarek

Women’s Sabre

Gold final

Elena Muzurina vs. Joanna Koprowska

Open Sabre

Gold final

Victor Harder Hesel vs. Thomas Couturier

Bronze final

Dennis Ljungqvist vs. Dmitry Gibadullin

Women’s Sword & Buckler

Gold final

Marcjanna Magdalena Jelinska vs. Joanna Koprowska

Open Sword & Buckler

Gold final

Björn Carlander vs. Mateusz Konopacki

Bronze final

Dmitry Gibadullin vs. Luis Manuel García Simón


Gold final – Middle weights

Hans Nordström vs. Marius Rafoshei

Gold final – Heavy weights

Joris Jacobs vs. Staffan Sannemalm

Swordfish XIV begins!

Swordfish XIV starts today with its first competitions! All the best to our guests and competitors and happy fencing!

Friday’s Pools are out!

The pools for Saturday tournaments are out! Find them here.

Ringen slots still available!

There are still slots available for the Ringen tournament! Just head to the reception to sign up and weigh in. See you soon!

Ringen news!

The Ringen ruleset is out! And the weigh in starts on Thursday at 18:00 and ends on Friday at 14:00. Go to the reception and the staff there will help you!

Last day to register to the Swordfish XIV tournaments!

Today is the last day to register to the Swordfish XIV tournaments! Registration will close tonight at 23:59 (Swedish time), so hurry and sign up if you haven’t done it already!

Wrestling Tournament

We are happy to announce that the Wrestling Tournament will take place on Friday, Nov 1st from 17.00 in the Red Hall!