Workshops Swordfish 2019

Robert Childs, Rapier and Rapier & dagger
Fencing has nothing to do with the power in your arm. If you want strength, then apply leverage. If you want speed, then steal time. The hard and fast rules of physics and geometry are to a swordsman what the color pallet is to the painter. These tools are available to us all but it is how we each use these tools that gives expression to our art.

My school of fence in rapier combat centers around three essential pillars: footwork, balance and sword work. In this seminar I will show you the most common errors I have
encountered in swordsmen over the last three decades in each of these pillars. Further, I will show you the techniques I use to increase the strength of my movements, raise the speed of my attack and defense, and steal time through the proper application of psychological warfare in the midst of the duel.