Swordfish XIV ends!

Dear friends, huge thanks for another amazing Swordfish!
Between the great fencing and the wonderful company, we had a blast and we hope you did too!

Here are all the tournaments’ winners:

Open Longsword

Gold: Mateusz Konopacki

Silver: Mikko Lehto

Bronze: Dennis Ljungqvist

Technical award: Alexander Olsson

Women’s Longsword

Gold: Elena Muzurina

Silver: Michela D’Orlando

Bronze: Majken Roelfszema

Technical award: Brittany Reeves

Open Rapier & Dagger

Gold: Robert Childs

Silver: Dmitry Gibadullin

Bronze: Ami Viholainen

Technical award: Ami Viholainen

Women’s Sabre

Gold: Elena Muzurina

Silver: Joanna Koprowska

Bronze: Anna Franceschi

Technical award: Elena Muzurina

Open Sabre

Gold: Victor Harder Hesel

Silver: Thomas Couturier

Bronze: Dmitry Gibadullin

Technical award: Rafal Kalus

Women’s Sword & Buckler

Gold: Joanna Koprowska

Silver: Marcjanna Magdalena Jelinska

Bronze: Anastasia Matiushina

Technical award: Tatyana Sedlova

Open Sword & Buckler

Gold: Björn Carlander

Silver: Mateusz Konopacki

Bronze: Dmitry Gibadullin


Technical award: Miro Lahtela

Middle weights

Gold: Marius Rafoshei

Silver: Hans Nordström

Bronze: Henrik Persson

Heavy weights

Gold: Joris Jacobs

Silver: Staffan Sannemalm

Bronze: Miro Lahtela

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