Pools Open Longsword and all other disciplines’ finals

The pools for Open Longsword are now available here.

The finals we will see tomorrow for all the other weapons are:

Women’s Longsword

Gold final

Elena Muzurina vs. Michela D’Orlando

Bronze final

Majken Roelfszema vs. Minna Vasarainen

Open Rapier & Dagger

Gold final

Robert Childs vs. Dmitry Gibadullin

Bronze final

Ami Viholainen vs. Aleksander Dynarek

Women’s Sabre

Gold final

Elena Muzurina vs. Joanna Koprowska

Open Sabre

Gold final

Victor Harder Hesel vs. Thomas Couturier

Bronze final

Dennis Ljungqvist vs. Dmitry Gibadullin

Women’s Sword & Buckler

Gold final

Marcjanna Magdalena Jelinska vs. Joanna Koprowska

Open Sword & Buckler

Gold final

Björn Carlander vs. Mateusz Konopacki

Bronze final

Dmitry Gibadullin vs. Luis Manuel García Simón


Gold final – Middle weights

Hans Nordström vs. Marius Rafoshei

Gold final – Heavy weights

Joris Jacobs vs. Staffan Sannemalm

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