Instructors Swordfish 2019

Robert Childs

Robert Childs, USA

Robert Childs first got himself into trouble with pointy objects at the age of four when his mother caught him practicing techniques seen on television with his father’s folding knife.  Since that time Robert’s enthusiasm for swords and knives has only grown, leading him first to train and compete in Olympic foil and saber in 1988 at the age of 17.  Though he excelled in competitions in sport fencing, Robert found it lacked the realism he craved. 

So, only four years after entering the Olympic competition circuit, he finally found his calling within the more realistic practice of swordplay as a martial art.  Always hungry for knowledge, Robert later used his military career as a stepping stone to other regions and countries, living in various places around the world and making it a point to learn the local martial art so as to incorporate the applicable techniques and philosophies of these cultures into his own practice of the rapier.  Now, 31 years after first picking up a sword to train, Robert has leveraged his study from around the world into a unique understanding and practice of rapier combat that continues to evolve to this day.