First Batch of Instructors

Swordfish has always prided itself on offering a high-quality workshops alongside the tournaments. Here’s a taste of what we’ll have on offer in 2017:

  • Ilkka Hartikainen (EHMS, Finland)
  • Christofer Janssen (Stockholms Stigmän, Sweden)
  • Anders Linnard (GHFS, Sweden)
  • Simon Lund (Örebro HEMA, Sweden)
  • Johan Lundby (Stockholms Stigmän, Sweden)
  • Niklas Mårdby (GHFS, Sweden)
  • Thomas Nyløkken (Fekteklubben Frie Duellister, Norway)
  • Rob Runacres (The Renaissance Sword Club, UK)
  • Maciej Talaga (ARMA, Poland)

Stay tuned for more information about them and their workshops!

Instructor Cancellation

Roman Vučajnk has unfortunately had to cancel his participation due to illness, leading to changes to the schedule. The Mirror Hall is now free for warming up and the like on Friday morning, the Red Hall is free for sparring after Andreas Engström’s workshop on Saturday morning, and Roman’s workshop on Saturday afternoon has been replaced by Meyer Rapier & Dagger with our own Robin Hedlund and Rickard Waern.

More Instructors

We are proud to add six more names to the list of instructors teaching at Swordfish XI:
Matt Galas
Timothy Devlin Hall
Matthys Kool
Jacob Norwood
Julia Ström
Roman Vučajnk

Unfortunately Chris Chatfield has had to cancel his workshop this year.

The first workshops descriptions and instructor bios have appeared here on the site, and we’ll publish more as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

First Batch of Instructors

We start out with the following four names:

Andreas Engström
Kristian Ruokonen
Francesco Lodà
Chris Chatfield

Stay tuned for more information about them and their workshops!