Registration is Closed

Registration for Swordfish XII has closed!

The event is still open for visitors, including spectators of the livestreamed tournament finals at Saturday night. Separate tickets for that (for 30 SEK) are sold in the reception.

Sabre Tournament is Full

The Sabre tournament has been filled as well – to be placed on the waiting list for it, contact us through our form or by email.

Open Longsword and Sword & Buckler Tournaments Are Full

The Open Longsword and the Sword & Buckler tournaments at Swordfish XII are now both full!

To be placed on the waiting list for either tournament, contact us through our form or by email.

First Batch of Instructors

Swordfish has always prided itself on offering a high-quality workshops alongside the tournaments. Here’s a taste of what we’ll have on offer in 2017:

  • Ilkka Hartikainen (EHMS, Finland)
  • Christofer Janssen (Stockholms Stigmän, Sweden)
  • Anders Linnard (GHFS, Sweden)
  • Simon Lund (Örebro HEMA, Sweden)
  • Johan Lundby (Stockholms Stigmän, Sweden)
  • Niklas Mårdby (GHFS, Sweden)
  • Thomas Nyløkken (Fekteklubben Frie Duellister, Norway)
  • Rob Runacres (The Renaissance Sword Club, UK)
  • Maciej Talaga (ARMA, Poland)

Stay tuned for more information about them and their workshops!

General Tournament Registration is Open

Since June 1, tournament registration has been restricted to the top 100 ranked fencers in each weapon category, according to HEMA Ratings. Since 12 PM CEST today, that is no longer the case, so go on and grab those remaining tournament spots! Be quick, though – they’re not likely to last long.

Registration for Swordfish XII is Open

The general attendance registration for Swordfish XII is open, and tournament registration has opened for the world’s top ranked fencers (in accordance with our previous post). Make sure to reserve your spot(s)!

Changes to Tournament Registration

This year registration for tournament participation will work a bit differently than it has previously. Axel Pettersson explains how it works:

This year at Swordfish we will introduce tiered registration for the tournaments. It will work like this:

The top 100 ranked through HEMA Ratings (counting from the data of April 30) in every weapon category will get the chance to register 2 weeks before the rest. Then the registration will be open to everyone. This means that tournament registration for the top 100 ranked in each weapon category will open June 1, and for everyone else June 15.

The reason this is done is simple: at Swordfish we have a limited amount of slots we can allocate to each tournament, and we want to make sure that the top fencers get a chance to register and not lose the opportunity to compete due to missing registration. The HEMA Ratings is the one tool the community has to manage this. Earlier years we have allowed for known top fencers to register later to make sure they have a slot; the HEMA Ratings statistics allows us to be less arbitrary with this selection. It is not perfect, but it is what we have. Basically, Swordfish is the arena where the community gets a chance to see the top fencers face off and produce the best fencing we as a community can offer, and we don’t want to lose that through the best fencers missing registration.

Axel Pettersson & the Swordfish crew