Saturday Finalized Pools and Timetable

The detailed pool timetable for Saturday is now live. The pools are final as posted.

Friday Finalized Pools and Timetable

The detailed pool timetable for Friday is live, also under the tournaments menu option. It is also found on the message board in the Swordfish foyer.
Pools for tomorrow have also been finalized – changes have been made to Sabre pools 2 and 4.
Best of luck tomorrow!

Instructor Cancellation

Roman Vučajnk has unfortunately had to cancel his participation due to illness, leading to changes to the schedule. The Mirror Hall is now free for warming up and the like on Friday morning, the Red Hall is free for sparring after Andreas Engström’s workshop on Saturday morning, and Roman’s workshop on Saturday afternoon has been replaced by Meyer Rapier & Dagger with our own Robin Hedlund and Rickard Waern.

Pools Are Live!

Pools for the Swordfish XI bladed tournaments are live, and can be found under the tournaments menu option. The tournament management reserve the right to make changes as necessary. Detailed timetable and finalized pools (if changes have been required) are posted tomorrow (Thursday) evening.

We remind all participants in the longsword, sabre, rapier & dagger and sword & buckler tournaments that gear check for the pool you are in will take place 15 minutes before the pool is scheduled to start, and ask you to inform us as soon as possible if something has come in the way of your participation.

Gear Check Changes

Information for all tournament participants:

A change this year is that gear checks for the various tournaments at Swordfish XI no longer are held in their entirety at the beginning of the tournaments. Gear checks will instead be performed for by the tournament managers (Carl Ryrberg and Magnus Lundberg) at the head secretariat table for individual pools 15 minutes before those pools start. No more being forced to get up early even though you’re in a late pool! (You’re welcome.)

If you are uncertain of the state of your gear, you can find and talk to Carl and/or Magnus about it on Thursday evening.

The tournament managers will check that you have a Swordfish wristband during gear check – in other words you need to have registered your arrival in the reception prior to competing.

Registration is Closed

Registration for Swordfish XI has closed!

We will be selling visitor’s passes (50 SEK/day) in the reception during the event, if all you want to do is to come and watch.

Wrestling Rule Set Has Been Published

The rule set (including weight categories and equipment requirements) for the wrestling tournament has finally been published – we apologise for the delay! It can be found here.

Schedule is Live

The full schedule for Swordfish XI is live! It can be found in our menu. More instructors and workshops have been added, and information about them can be found on their respective pages. We’ll add more as soon as we get our hands on it. Stay tuned!

Tournament Registration is Closed

Registration for participation in tournaments at Swordfish XI has now closed. You can still register for general participation and workshops up until one week before the event, though. so don’t let this hinder you from coming!

Tournament Registration Closes Soon

Registration for tournament participation at Swordfish XI as usual closes one month before the start of the event. This year that means October 4th. Make sure to register before then if you plan on competing!